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Green Energy Research and Development Technologies

Help the oil and gas industries decarbonize fossil fuels and produce hydrogen.

Addressing Critical Challenges in Hydrogen Production for a Sustainable Future

Need for input water

Due to the climate change, the main issue in future would be shortage of potable water.

High sensitivity to the feedstock cost

72% of the cost of produced hydrogen is the cost of feedstock.

Cost & CO2 Emission

98% of hydrogen production comes from fossil fuel reformation, which has high environmental costs and CO2 emissions.

Violet Hydrogen Production

Via Plasma Catalytic Hydrogen Sulfide Methane Reformation.

Revolutionizing Energy Security with Hydrogen

Imagine hydrogen as the helipad for a secure energy future, ensuring smoother landings and unlocking unparalleled possibilities. Explore how our cutting-edge technology redefines energy landscapes, offering a more reliable and sustainable solution! 🌱


Methane Reformation without CO2 generation

To strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, we help Oil and Gas Industries to produce Hydrogen without Greenhouse Gas emissions. In this project, we produce:

Decarbonization & Reindustrilization

Put an end to gas flaring with hydrogen sulfide methane reformation! 🌍 Discover a cleaner energy solution today.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Rooholah N. RAD

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer


Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Roland ABIAR

Let’s work together for a better future

We can make a substantial impact on GreenTech value chains, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and strategic autonomy of the EU in its mission against climate change and the environmental crisis.