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About Us

Our Story

Our journey began with Rooholah, who, after completing his thesis in May 2020, focused on natural hydrogen sources, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S). He thought it would be interesting to explore the use of H2S instead of water in methane-reforming reactions (Blue and Gray Hydrogens). Through his research, he connected with Ali, who has published several papers on hydrogen production from H2S (e.g., Huang & T-Raissi, 2008). Ali joined the team to further develop the idea, leveraging our expertise. Later, Rooholah brought Reza into the team to address catalyst-related challenges, as they had known each other for years through their shared interest in petroleum engineering. Additionally, Ali joined Reza in South Korea, where they continued their collaboration (see their resumes). Lastly, Roland joined the team, bringing his entrepreneurial and financial management experience to secure funding for the project.

We are driven by values

At the heart of our journey is a resolute commitment to driving positive change, where our diverse and experienced team is united by a shared set of core values that fuel our pursuit of innovative solutions in the realms of energy and materials.


Our team encompasses a rich blend of international backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives, driving dynamic problem-solving and creativity.


With decades of collective experience across industries and academia, our members bring a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success to every project.


Rooted in cutting-edge research and pioneering approaches, we are dedicated to pushing boundaries, shaping new solutions, and driving transformative change in the fields of energy and materials.

Rooholah N. RAD

Co-Founder- Chief Executive Officer


Co-Founder- Chief Technology Officer


Co-Founder- Chief Scientific Officer

Roland ABIAR

Co-Founder- Chief Strategy Officer